In Memphis and New Orleans (2005 & 2006) In Memphis and New Orleans (2005 & 2006) Clock - The Univ. Memphis Clock of The University of Memphis, Tenesse, USA, where I spent one month of my life working in my Ph.D research. 71369751 The University of Memphis Another picture of this great university. 71369855 My research team This is part of group of the research team, leaded by Thomas Sayger (next to me). 71369863 Me with Robert Neimeyer, PhD. Me in the office of an extraordinary man and excelent professional, Dr. Robert Neimeyer, professor at the University of Memphis. 71369862 Me, Ayse and Tom Sayger When we went to the Peabody Hotel, in Memphis (small lake with ducks in behind us). 71369852 Me with Dr. Aaron Beck Me with Aaron Beck with the founder of Cognitive Psychotherapy and "cogntiive triade", in New Orleans. 71369861 Me with Dr. Albert Bandura Me with Albert Bandura, founder of Social Learning Theory, in New Orleans. 71369750 New Orleans Covention Center 71369856 Dr. Phil in New Orleans Me assistant to APA Award to Dr. Phil for his work on TV and his contribution for individuals to get psychological help around the world. 71369854 Dr. Phil in New Orleans 71369853 Lunch in New Orleans Me with colleagues during lunch 71369858 Round Table in New Orleans Me and my round table colleagues. 71369859 New Orleans City1 71369857 New Orleans City2 71369860 New Orleans City3 71369864